Class Styles


“Practice yoga in a way that makes you want to do it again.” – Mike

Our experienced TAYS teachers integrate many different styles of yoga in their teaching, including Interdisciplinary, Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga. We offer classes at every level and for every need and we encourage students to stay at their own pace and level of challenge.

​Our classes can be grouped primarily into different styles:


​Gentle yoga would be of particular interest to those with arthritis, bio-mechanical back pain, degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, etc. ​Since some individuals need to approach yoga in a more gentle “therapeutic” way, we offer these gentler approaches to yoga so that the postures are modified or adapted to various bodies.


Hatha yoga emphasizes coordination of breath and movement. It is slower-paced, offering less flow and easier transitions.  This class is a great place to start practicing, especially if you are new to yoga or enjoy learning the details of the poses. These are practised more slowly and with more static posture holds than a Vinyasa flow or Ashtanga class. ​


A Vinyasa class offers more flow than a Hatha class. This flowing component increases heat in the body and challenges the heart, lungs, muscles and tissues. Vinyasa classes are open to all levels but some experience is helpful. Our teachers are skillful at building the energy while still allowing all students to find a variation that works for them.


Chair yoga is designed to help restore vitality, strength, balance and mobility while rejuvenating the spirit with a sense of community. This gentle yoga class is intended to be accessible for all, regardless of one’s age or physical condition. Chair yoga can help clear the mind, reduce stress and strengthen your body with the assistance of a chair to support your yoga poses. The class will consist of about 20 minutes of seated warm-up, 20 minutes standing postures with the assistance of the chair and 20 minutes of seated stretching and relaxation.


In a yin class, postures are held for longer periods of time and are often supported with props such as blocks, belts and bolsters to allow a deeper release. It is because of these long holds (3 to 5 minutes each) that the deeper structures of the body are opened, stretched and awakened. New depths in postures, deeper ranges of motion, or an increased flow of energy may only be achievable by focusing on the deeper tissues of the body. Many students are finding Yin Yoga to be the perfect compliment and balance to their more active, yang practices.


The Mysore style of yoga is a method of teaching where the students and teacher work one-on-one rather than in a large fitness-style group setting. Students arrive at various points during the morning and stay as long as they have time/energy for. With this kind of flexibility, the teacher shapes each day’s practice to fit the energy level of the student.

TAYS instructor Seth Daley has offered the only daily Mysore practice in the Maritimes for 11+ years. Classes run weekdays from 5:45 to 8 a.m. 12-week sessions are available ($300) with passes also available for shorter commitments. Please register through Seth directly.

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